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Recover at Reflections Recovery Home

About Reflections Recovery Home

At Reflections Recovery Home, we know that recovery is a process of change.  People in recovery learn new ways to improve their health, wellness and to reach their full potential.  However, it is truly a process where each person decides how to seek help, work through a substance use problem and/or a mental health challenge in their own unique way.  Reflections may be the key to your journey. 


We are a structured 6-bed, men's recovery home centered on its residents.  Reflections provides a healthy environment with shared values of accountability, reflection, growth, and empowerment. With the help of staff, residents encourage each other in long- term sobriety to enable a lifetime of successful recovery.


Services & Amenities

Support & Guidance


Redfield, SD

Redfield is a mid-sized community with many employment opportunities and activities. There are a variety of local resources here and nearby to aid in an ideal living environment for recovery. It is also an easy drive to Aberdeen, Watertown, and Huron.


Reflections stakeholders strive to maintain the best living environment for those recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse disorders. 


Continuum of Care

After completing a 28-day comprehensive treatment program for drug and alcohol substance abuse, Reflections offers time for graduates of these programs to work on healing, post-treatment, ensuring they receive an essential part of recovery on the continuum of care. 


Relapse Prevention

At Reflections Recovery Home , we believe that everybody deserves a fresh start. Sober Living offers a safe space for members to plan the next steps in their healing process. With the help of Sober Living Homes, members have a better chance of attaining long-term sobriety.  

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”



110 E 7th Ave, Redfield, SD 57469, USA


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