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The Answers You Need

How many people share a room?

Reflections Recovery Home houses six men.  We have 2 single rooms and 2 double rooms.  Preference for a single room is given to the member that has been in the house the longest. Contact us if you are interested in a tour.

How long can I stay at Reflections Recovery Home ?

Recovery specialists tell us that the living in a sober living environment increase the success rate of those dealing with substance abuse issues.  For this reason, we invite our members to stay as long as they need.  

Why Do I Have to Complete a 28-day, 12-step Treatment Program Before I Can Live in the Reflections Home?

Reflections Recovery Home wants to ensure your greatest chance at success.  Reflections is designed as a next step for those that are sober and want to continue their sobriety journey in a safe and supportive environment. 

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